» Ryan from Festus, MO., UA wrote:
Hey, Ellen Happy Birthday. Look forward to seeing you in more movies!

» Paola Menchaca from Monterrey, Nuevo Le wrote:
Hi, i wish you the best for your 22th birthday, you are my role model, keep rocking IooI
we support you Ellen ; )

» Emma from USA wrote:
Hey happy birthday Ellen!!! I celebrated your bday with some of my friends by watching all the movies and stuff you were in. We all wish you a very happy birthday!
22! Big #!!!!!

» suede from Philippines wrote:
Happy Birthday, Ellen! You are the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I've ever laid eyes on.

» Ntlko from Russia wrote:
Happy birthday dear Ellen, glad to congratulate you, i see your's films and it was fantastic, you are beautiful, darling, kind very outstanding,very funny and you the best, be yourself, with best wishes.
My mail 3_echelon@mail.ru maybe you will write to me^^

» jim bower from new orleans, luisiana wrote:
happy birthday ellen you are the most beatiful girl i'ven see. xoxoxoxo

» A.C. from Mexico wrote:
Happy Bday! Love from mexico city!

» Derek from Maryland, USA wrote:
Happy Birthday to the world's most awesome female.

Beautiful, smart, and kick ass.

» Adrian from Misiones, Argentina wrote:
Hello Ellen, I am Adrian de Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina. I warn you that scarcely I can write in English!! Ja, ja. I wish the best birthday you because you you deserve it, you are a fantastic girl, not only for it adjoins, but for it talented also.. Was I looking For You in the delivery of the Oscars, but I can

» Zoe from Montreal, Canada wrote:
Dear ellen you have become an icon, and the way you act both in movies and in life are wonderful you are the inspiration of a new dawn, a new age in public figure.
You set the tone for something fresh new and good, we all love you always stay true to yourself.

you are made of awesome! happy Bday


» Maeva from Canada wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen. May you have all what you desire and even more.

This star lit up 22 years ago and grew pretty bright.

take care of yourself

» STELL-E from Oradea, Romania wrote:
Yup, kinda late, but anyway, happy birthday, Ellen :P Wishing you the best and am waiting for your next movie :D
(As far as I know) Your biggest fan from Oradea(at least ;))) :-*>:D

» Lauren from Sealy, texas wrote:
i'm sorry this is late, but i really hope you had an awesome day. and i hope that this next year is really good for you. happy birthday!

» Dan from Florida wrote:
Ellen I hope you had a great 22nd birthday. Not only you are an awesome actress, you conduct yourself with so much poise, grace, and humility. And, I can't wait until your new films come out! Take care and again Happy Birthday!

» Denise from Toronto, Canada wrote:
Happy 22nd Birthday Ellen!!!

One of the greatest actress of our generation for sure.

Party like a rockstar!! Representin' the great up North! :) haha

» Colleen F from Halifax, NS wrote:
Hey there cutie,

Hope you had a great day. I hope the year brings wonderful things and happy surprises!


» MerMer from VT wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen! You truly are an inspiration to me! I hope your birthday was fabulous, and I hope you're well.
Best Wishes

» Rob :D from Branson, MO, USA ("Greatest Country in the World" -Borat) wrote:
Happy 22nd! I'm right behind ya :P

May your wishes come true, Rob

» Sebastian from Germany wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen

i wish you all the best to your 22nd birthday, health, succes and that all your wishes and dreams come true

byebye your big fan Sebi

» Nils from Germany wrote:
Happy 22nd Birhday, Ellen!
Your acting is pretty amazing to me. Keep being the way you are and have a lot of fun in 2009. I am already looking forward to your next movies.
Best wishes to you from Germany!