» Matt from New Zealand wrote:
Happy 22nd b.day, i think you are a very pretty and brilliant actress.Have a great and safe day (get smashed ) and all the best for 2009. PEACE

» Mike from Moscow, Russia wrote:
Happy Birthday, Ellen!

» Sir Pritam Shah from Orlando, FL.......soon to be Halifax, Nova Scotia wrote:
I dearly hope that you have a phenomenal 22nd birthday. You have honestly changed the way I think and live my life forever (in a good way :)

If the world had more people like you in it, maybe it wouldn't be in such a crappy state as it is currently in. You are an inspiration in every fiber of your being. Continue remaining true to yourself, and enjoy every precious second of life.

One question though: where in the WORLD can I find The Paper-Bag Princess!?

P.S. You are right: The Spell of the Sensuous IS an amazing book haha

» Tim from NJ wrote:
Hey Ellen Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year,
I was watching an interview of yours where you said you were gonna play the role of punk rock poet Patti Smith, I really think you would nail that with a t without a doubt I cant wait to check it out when it hits theatres soon. I really love the fact that in Juno when your laying on the bed you have the bad brains sticker on your bed set in the movie. I've seen them the first time at cbgb back in Oct. 2006 and you are sooo hot and attractive stay true sweetheart. xoxoxo

» Paul from Illinois wrote:
Youre acting is simply fantastic. Youre a 1000 times more attractive than Angelina Jolie.

Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!! :)

» Andrew Martin from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin wrote:
Dear Ellen,
I'll try not to sound like everyone else, but I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday! You are, without a doubt, one of my favorite actresses and one of my favorite persons in the world! Thanks for everything you have done in cinema and in your life. You have made love movies and really become one with cinema.
Happy 22nd!!!

Your always supporting fan and friend,

Andy M.

» Cody from Lake Tahoe, Nevada wrote:
I know you

» Alex from USA wrote:
Have a very Happy 22nd Birthday Ellen! I am such a big fan of yours, I think you are an amazing actress :)

I hope you have a great day and I send you the best birthday wishes.

» Keneth from Costa Rica wrote:
Ellen eres grandiosa, una excelente actriz con el futuro y el talento q cualquier persona en esta vida desearia... FELIZ CUMPLEA

» Tyler Weifenbach from Rapid City, South Dakota wrote:
Hey Elle, I hope you have a fantastic 22nd birthday! Don't get too full on cake and remember that every second we have is once in a lifetime so enjoy it :)

Peace and One Love.

» Charles from Illinois wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen! I hope your birthday was even better than the last! Can't wait to see you on the simpsons and hopefully you will appear on family guy and the office!

username: greatcomedian18


» Figgo from China wrote:
Happy birthday~!
I simply adore the way you are and how you live your life~
Wish you a wonderful year and look forward to a lot more amazing works from you!

» Melissa from New York wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!

You are my favorite actress and I believe you are one of the most talented and promising young actresses of this generation; I truly admire how much you of yourself you invest in each character you play. I'm sure that your career will be prolific and I can't wait to see each of your upcoming projects. I wish you the best of luck in the future, and hope you had a wonderful 22nd birthday.


» Mark from United States wrote:
Best wishes on your big day!

» Nicole from Toronto wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!

Best wishes and don't forget to party!


» sofia santiago from manila,philippines wrote:
happy birthday ellen! i wish you all the best, and i hope you'll continue to love the things you are doing,and continue to do better at it. You are great!

» rwf from toronto canada wrote:
Happy 22nd Ellen

Hope it is a year of acting challenges and getting the roles you want. And all those other things that make for a happy life .
I look forward to your new ones !!
My Best RWF

» viktor from mexico mexicali wrote:
all my best wishes for you se

» Andrea from Novara, Italy wrote:
happy b-day Ellen, you are well above the average as an actress and in this regressive cultural climate we're living in you are an ispiration for young women to claim their right to go beyond roles and be in charge of their life.

» Martin from Czech Republic wrote:
HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY ELLEN !!!! Besides that, I also wanted to mention: after seeing you in Juno, I simply had to watch all your movies. Now, when I'm done :-) I am sooo looking forward to see your next films :-) whether it's a sweet comedy or brutal horror (I prefer the first option :-) you are guarantee of quality, because you are smart, witty, beautiful and incredibly talented :-) Stay the way you are because YOU ROCK !!!! xoxoxo