» Hugo W. from Victoria, BC, Canada wrote:
I just forgot to wish you a happy birthday in my first message, so here goes nothing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I look forward to your Simpsons episode.


» Zack from Minnesota wrote:
HAPPY 22nd Ellen - I love everything you do, Have a great birthday and a great year - Enjoy time with fam and friends, and cherish that wonderful life you have - Best of luck in '09. Im a lifetime fan. Much Love Ellen !!!

» Ashley from New York wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen! Hope u have a wonderful birthday with friends and family! We ur fans ♥ u now and 4ever! We will support throughtout everything! I ♥ u and take care!

XOXO, Ashley! =)

» Onel from New Jersey wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen You Rock

» DARIO from Italy wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen I'm your great Fan

» Kayla from Boca Raton wrote:
Happy 22nd Birthday Ellen!!!!!!
Congratulations on all your accomplishments and a great year! You truly are the best. :o)

» Illeen from Poland wrote:
Best wishes Ellen~
keep being the best

» Issi from Chile wrote:
Happy Bday Elleeeeeen!!!!
Im ur fan! (ok ok xD, not fan, but something like that), really i hope you have a special great day, a great year ahm...adfsadsdyeaaah! you know, good things in your life xDDDDDD
i speak just a little of english, so...thats all!!

Feliz Cumplea

» Camilla from Brasil wrote:

» Juan from CHile wrote:
Happy Birthday ellen!!! have a really nice and wonderfull day, i hope that you have a veryy nice bd! , keep rocking! my english is not very good but but i hope that you undesrtsand the message haha


feluz cumplea

» loki from Russia wrote:
Ellen, Happy Birthday!
We love you! =)

» Attilio from Napoli, Italy wrote:
Happy Birthday, Ellen! Simply Words for The best actress in this world! I Hope to met you a day

» Alessio Vacca from Cagliari wrote:
Happy birthday tiny unaffected smart committed pensive canadian woman and excellent actress.
I not only like you (ok... the little I can actually know about you! :) and your work, but I trust you.

Alessio Vacca - Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy

» Johannes from Stockholm, Sweden wrote:
Wish you the best of birthdays!
Love the way you grasp the personality of a character like no other actress.
Hope to see lots more of you in the future!

"You're golden man"

» Jennifer G. from Anahiem CA. wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day today. You are an amazing person. You're my favorite actress and you're my roll model.
I wish you the best luck on your future and don't let anything bring you down!


p.s email my any time shortygarcia4@gmail.com. ;D

» Martin from Argentina wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen!!! you are the best, please dont ever change and as Dominik said, dont let anything or anyone bring you down.


» Semtex from France wrote:
Oi Ellen!
Happy 22nd' birthday Miss Ellen ;). Have a great life and gives her a sense, you're on the good way ;)

Anyway, "I don't see what anyone can see, in anyone else. But You...."


» Rebecca from New York City wrote:
Happy 22nd birthday, Ellen!
You are seriously one of the best things that happened to the world of cinema, keep rockin' our hearts! Enjoy your celebration, continue to mesmerize the screen (with your presence) and inspire others with your personality and talents- Que Viva Ellen Page!! *best wishes*

» Romain from French wrote:
Happy Birthday my favorite actress. We love you. You are the best. Kiss Kiss Kiss

» Joel R from Chico, California wrote:
Best wishes and Happy 22nd Birthday
A dear fan of your great work