» Yacksssmin from Spain wrote:
WA hdappy bday! you are so pretty and very very nice the unique actress teanneger that like me ! haha that sound little lesbian xD i dont care muackkkkkkkkkk that you have a great day ;) . rock.live1@hotmail.es

» Marisa from californa wrote:
I hope you have a great b-day!
You are the best!!

» Kenny from Excelsior, MN wrote:
Happy Birthday, Ellen! Your work is amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next.

Make sure to have a good time on your birthday. =)


» Jim H from Alberta, Canada wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen. I love all your work - you are so talented. I can't wait to see your new projects this year and years to come.

» Marilia from Brazil wrote:
Happy birthday, Ellen :)
I'm sure your work will be still great. You have a lot of fans uround the world, and I'm not different: From Brazil. And I'm not from S

» Gregory from Lyon, France wrote:
Happy Birthday Ms Page. You really deserve your success, 'cause your talent is immense! Halifax can be proud!
Hope you will come in France soon.

» Lucas from Argentina wrote:
Dear Ellen, happy birthday! Have a good time and a good year, you are a good actress and a bautiful girl. feliz cumplea

» Antoine from France wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen
I hope a wonderfull day to you with friends, family ... pets maybe :p
I hope I could see you in a lot of movie !!!
keep smile you're so beautiful

bye see you later (I hope)
ps: sorry for english

» Michael from Poland wrote:
Happy birthday girl,
hope you'll have a lot of joy today :)

Love your mime and your voice...
they're just simply perfect ^^

Keep on rockin'!

» Ashkan from Iran - Ahvaz wrote:
happy B-day .
Have a good time and a good year . i hope you get the OSCAR for 22 times :D
Oh my god you are 22 years old !!! you look very younger :D
I want see great works from you and i hope you always be successful .
you are the best actress in the world and you are very pretty and kind .
All of you fans are with you .
One of your biggest fans . ASHKAN

» Becky from Hampshire, England wrote:

I hope you have a great day! I love all of your work, Congratulations on all of your amazing achievements and I wish you loads of luck in the future. I cant wait to see Whip it and Peacock !

I think you're an amazing actress!! Happy 22nd.
bex xo

» Samantha from Denmark/Chicago wrote:
Hey Ellen,

You are an amazing actor and one cool girl. You bring honesty and integrity to all the roles you play. I love your quirky personality and how you are so genuine. I have enjoyed your previous body of work and I can't wait to the see the new projects you have been working on: Peacock and Whip It! Have a great Birthday!

» Tara from the Philippines wrote:
Haaaaay~ :D

Hope you've had a great day and that you'll keep being the awesome actress that you are. :]

Happy 22nd Birthdaaay!!!!!!!!111 \o/

» Asy from Brunei Darussalam wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!!.........
I'm One Of Your Biggest Fans In Brunei Darussalam...
I Wish You A Wonderful Birthday With Your Friends

Remember...Don't Ever Be Such A Naughty Girl..Lol..

» Nick Kable from San Diego, CA wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen! I hope you have a wonderful day. You are truly one of a kind and an amazing actor. Good luck during the rest of your movie career. God bless

» Drew from Eureka CA wrote:
Hey Ellen,
I hope you're gonna have a great b-day. I wish you luck in everything you do, and I look forward to the day I get to meet you and tell you how wonderful you are in person.

» Hugo W. from Victoria, BC, Canada wrote:
To Ellen,

Keep kicking ass and taking names, my friend. Your talent and general awesomeness keep me alive through high school. Have fun at the Spirit Awards and good luck with all you do. You make your fellow Canadians proud!


» Luis from Argentina wrote:
Happy Birthdat ELLEN

» OIiver Jaundoo from Holyoke, Massachusetts wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!!

Wow the big 22 I remember my 22nd birthday it was a blast. please cherish it as long you can, you are a gifted actress and true art form of her own creation take care and god bless you.

» Alfred Chan from Hong Kong wrote:

Wish you all the best this year! Looking forward to more and more good movies you made.

And thank you Dominik for making such a great platform for us, fans from all over the world to dedicate our love to Ellen. Deeply Thank you, please keep it up.