» Nick from New York, New York wrote:
Ellen, thank you for entering my life at the time you did.
Happy Birthday, live it up, and here's to 09 bringing 2 more great films and performances

» Sebastian from Mexico wrote:
happy birthday ellen!!!!

» Navkiran from Alberta, Canad wrote:
Happy birthday Ellen! I'm looking forward to your future projects. Best of luck to you in your career.

» Hayden from Australia wrote:

I hope this next year will be as happy and eventful as the last year was for you.

Looking forward to your next movies! Peacock in particular!


» Sara from New Jersey wrote:
Dear Ms. Page,
Your movies are all absolutely amazing! You are such a talented actress. Thank you for putting so much hard work into every movie that you are in. You have no idea how much love we at EPO have for you! Make it a good year, girl!

» Marcel Becker from Germany wrote:
Hello dear Ellen Page!

I wish you a very happy birthday! Stay healthy and keep on working in quality movies as you did before (no doubt you will). What else to say? Have a good time till your next birthday and beyond!

Best wishes,

» Tugdual from France wrote:
I don't like actors. They often are pretentious.
But I know a really honest actress who is able to lose herself completely in someone else without thinking she's god. By name Ellen Page.

Thank you for being you Ellen, and keep your independent mind!
I can't wait to see you as jane eyre!
Happy birthday!!!


» Laura from Boston wrote:
Happy 22nd birthday, Ellen!!

I hope you always keep doing what you love and continue to stay true to yourself, because that's why I admire you so much. You truly are a role model to myself and others, and I wish you the best of luck with your life and career. I hope that someday I can be as incredibly passionate about something as you are.

Looking forward to seeing your upcoming work (especially Jack and Diane),

» Tyler from Las Vegas wrote:
Amazing actress! Please, for our sake, never stop making movies. You are a true artist. Happy birthday =)

» Allan from USA wrote:
Dear Ellen,

I love your work, and have for years. Your acting is an inspiration. And you are an inspiring person! Thanks for your dedication to your craft. You have many fans around the world -- and the best of them are here on EPO! :-)

Much happiness and joy to you and yours on your birthday and in the year ahead...

With love and respect,


» marissa from vegas wrote:
have a very exciting and fun filled birthday ellen! you are are very unique person. i love who you are and i hope you never change. happy 22nd birthday!

» Sam from Australia wrote:
Happy 22nd Birthday, Ellen!

May you have a wonderful time with friends and family, and a great year to come. Keep up your fantastic work, and thanks for sharing your passion and talent with us.

Enjoy the running charades and tequila! ;-)

» Sally from Good Ol' Somerset :P [in england] wrote:

i hope you have an incredibly awesome birthday and i hope you will keep being the incredible person that you are

Lots of hugs and kisses


» Zach from Southern Ontario wrote:
Happy Birthday, Ellen Page! Hope you have a good 22nd, and may each year be better than the last for you and all your friend. Especially those here at Ellen Page Online.



» Dario from Italy wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen!!!
I love you!!!!!!

» caitlin from united states wrote:
happy birthday ellen!

if you ever read these, i just want you to know that absolutely adore you and your work and i hope and pray that this birthday is wonderful for you. also, i agree with everything dominik said. lol
he said it wonderfully.

thank you for being you. :]

» Marquita from Colorado wrote:
Happy birthday Ellie Love!!! I hope your special day is full of joy and laughter! No one likes boring birthdays so make it happen :p! Hope to see you in Colorado some day! Keep on being that amazing young lady we all know and love.

ex's n oh's!
Quita :)

» Hyacinthe RAIMBAULT from Paris, France wrote:
Happy Birthday Ellen !
Please come to France when your movie Smart People is released !


» Michael Neumeier from Saarbruecken, Germany wrote:
HAPPY 22nd Birthday Miss Page.
I hope you have a Wonderful Day and lots of gifts. ;)
Enjoy YOUR big day and party hard!!
Lots of love,
Michael from Germany